Audit Services

US audit services are an attest function.   Montage Services, Inc. is an accredited accounting firm under the State of California.  As such, Montage Services can render an opinion on the financials and their adherence to General Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP).   Depending on what is necessary, this opinion can be of a lesser standard such as a compilation or a review.   But if a full audit opinion is necessary our CPAs can render the necessary opinions.

Accounting Services

Growing number of businesses do not want to hire in house accounting services.   Although in the United States there is no requirement for statutory accounting, it is good practice to have qualified CPAs maintain on a monthly basis the accounts.   Decisions are made more proactively if this is kept up timely and the information is in the format that is necessary for decision makers.

Our accounting group has years of experience and uses a variety of software programs that allows for efficient and accurate accounting of the activities.

Tax Services

US tax rates may have gone down, but the complexity of the US system has only increased.   We are experts in US tax - corporate, partnership and individual.

We focus on getting to know the business and its customers.   Looking at ways to creatively reduce taxes where possible, and then matching the ideas with the optics of the forms that the government uses to ensure the ideas are shown properly with a minimization of audit potential.



Efficient, Creative and Responsible

Montage Services has a number of clients that are long time advocates of the type of service we provide - creative, efficient and at the same time responsible for the work product.   Too often in our industry, firms cost cut or do not take the time to get to know the client.   We ensure we we are speaking to our clients and getting the updates to their businesses.

People and Time

Our people are the best and we treat others with respect.   A big part of that respect is understanding the time busy people have is important so we come prepared and will ask questions to better ensure we do not need to review material already discussed.